D Priyanka

D Priyanka

D. Priyanka Bajaj (b.1978, Bhiwani, Haryana, India) is an artist and a philosopher of Sciences. She received her BFA from College Of Arts, New Delhi in 2001, and her MFA from College of Arts, New Delhi in 2017.

Her works have been exhibited at The Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi (2012); Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai (2013); Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale (2015); Latitude 28, New Delhi (2016-18); Kochi Muziris Students Biennale, Kerala (2017); Pune Biennale (2017); The Shrine Empire Gallery, New Delhi (2018); India Art Fair (2018); India Art Fair (2020); Künstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg, Germany (2020); The Space Gallery, San Francisco (2021). Priyanka was awarded a scholarship by the HRD, Ministry of India for her research in Art and Science (2015). She is the recipient of the Emerging Artist award by Prafulla Dahanukar Foundation (2015, 2017); and an Artdemic winner by Gujral Foundation (2021). She was resident at D.I.S.C Residency, Odisha (2015); Fusion International Artist Residency, New Delhi, (2016); Gallery Residence, Pre Biennale, Latitude 28 (2016); Piramal Art Residency (2017).

Priyanka has developed her own philosophy on the grounds of the hard problem of consciousness; i.e how subjective experiences of the brain produce an objective reality of this world. She is trained under India’s distinguished artist A. Ramachandran, who moulded her philosophical thoughts into artistic expression. In her series ‘Book of Lainika,’ she aims on combining the philosophy of Ancient Vedantsaara and Quantum Physics. Her observations are expressed in the form of paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations and poetry. Simultaneously, she is creating a new language for ‘Book of Lainika’ as she feels the existing known languages of the world cannot do justice to her newly found verisimilitude. She has coined the term ‘UTCS – Unified Theory of Combined Sciences’. ‘’Now is the time to evolve as an awakened conscious being. Time is calling upon Us, not as a species of this planet but as awakened Consciousness of the Cosmos .’’

D Priyanka lives and works in New Delhi, India.

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