Divya Pamnani

Divya Pamnani

Cosmic Landscape 1+2, 2023
Stone pigments, gouache and inks on handmade indigo dyed wasli
34 x 25 Inches Each (With Frame 36.1 x 27.9 Inches Each)
As Above So Below 1, 2023
Stone pigment, gouache and inks on silk pasted on wasli
21 x 31 Inches (With Frame 23 x 32.6 Inches)
As Above So Below 2, 2024
Stone pigment, gouache and inks on silk pasted on wasli
21 x 28 Inches (With Frame 23.2 x 30.6 Inches)

Divya Pamnani (b.1983, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) completed her BSc in Psychology at the University of Texas, Austin, 2007; MPH, Masters in Public Health, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2011; PGD, Indian Aesthetics, 2020 and PG, South Asian Painting: The Art of the Book in South Asia, 2021, Jnanapravaha,  Mumbai, 2021. Her work has been exhibited in a solo show at Kathiwada City House, Mumbai, 2022, and group shows at Bikaner House, New Delhi via Modern Art Gallery, 2023; Surat Art Fair via Gallery Art and Soul and India Design ID, New Delhi, 2020.

Divya pursues ongoing training in the Indian Miniature painting technique from Master Artist Mahaveer Swami in Rajasthan, a proponent of the Bikaner School of painting. She witnesses first-hand the studio practice of a traditional Master Artist, reminiscent of the Mughal and Rajput ateliers. 

Aware of the vast and rich legacy of Indian Miniature Paintings, Divya is engaging with the tradition, crafting a unique visual language, and painting on themes that are personal yet universal, carefully referencing select imagery to convey meaning and symbolism through her work. As a deep-sea diver, the circularity of unending underwater life offers her a contemplation on personal and universal existential attempts to order the microcosm of our lives with the macrocosm of the universe’s life. Through her work, she endeavours to bring positivity, beauty and joy into this world. 

Divya Pamnani lives and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

New Earth, 2024
Stone pigments, gouache and inks on handmade wasli
24 x 24 Inches (With Frame 27.1 x 27.6 Inches)