Paper, Fabric and You workshop by Bharati Kapadia and Shital Mehta

We are conducting a Paper, Fabric and You workshop by Bharati Kapadia and Shital Mehta on Sunday 28th October, 2018 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Space 118, 118, Wadi Bunder Road, Opp. Copper Castle bldg., Near St. Mary’s School, Mazagaon, Mumbai-400010. For directions kindly see our website –


Bombay based artist Bharati Kapadia is a well-known personality on the contemporary Indian art platform.  Over the years, she has consistently shown work which is strikingly original in formal innovation. Dealing with issues related to inner evolution, memory and identity, she works with techniques in which the intervention of light becomes crucial for a complete experience of the art work.

Bharati’s practice includes painting, printmaking, assemblage, collage and installation using a variety of surfaces such as cloth, paper, canvas, wood, metal, performance and video. She has shown widely in India and international venues such as New York, Boston, Vienna, Munich and performed in Istanbul, Munich, Nova Scotia, Canada.

She has lectured and given slide presentations at several venues including the Royal College of Art, London, Seattle Asian Art Museum and South Asian Women’s Creative Collective, USA and The National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.


Shital Mehta is an artist and art educator. Immediately after graduating from the J.J. School of Art, Mumbai she joined Pundole Art Gallery as a designer and had the opportunity to interact and design for artists such a M.F. Hussain, F. N. Souza, Akbar Padamsee etc.
For the last 40 year she has been involved in various courses and research projects connected with art education, especially for children and across ages. During years of teaching, Shital has never stuck to conventional methods but always had an experimental approach to art through various mediums and themes. Over the years, Shital has presented papers on Art Education at the World Congress seminars in New York and Chicago, and has been regularly contributing in National Art Educators Association (NAEA) annual conventions held in the U.S.  She regularly conducts art workshops for Museums, Art Galleries and various art institutions in India and abroad.


How do we begin to interact with our material? For e.g. how can we begin to respond to paper?

When we look at or touch paper, we have already started to ‘know’ its body. Through our eyes and fingers we are already receiving its colour, its luster or lack of it, the roughness or smoothness of its surface- its texture. As we proceed in this manner we begin to realize the connectedness of paper to our own bodies.

The workshop Paper, Fabric and You aims at opening up our imagination to inspire new ideas and ways of seeing and working creatively. In the process, we will explore techniques such as Collage making, Cutting and Splicing, Piercing and Peeling, Tearing and Stitching, and others.


Papers, Fabric, Threads, Scissors, Brushes, Glue, Bluetac, Pins, Pencils, Erasure, Blocks for printing, Needles, Rags, Rough paper, Rulers, Cutters , Paints and Brushes, Palettes,  instruments for piercing holes like stylus, nails etc.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Ages 10 and above


Rs. 2500+ 18% GST= Rs. 2950/- (inclusive of all materials).

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