The ‘Basic and Advanced Photography Workshop’ is conducted by professional photographer Sahil Mane on Saturday 19th (Basic) & Sunday 20th July (Advanced) 2014 from 11am to 6pm (on both days) at Space118, 118, Wadi Bunder Road, Mazagaon, Near Wallace Flour Mill or Fazlani School, Mumbai-400010. For directions kindly see our website –

Sahil is an international award-winning Mumbai-based photographer who specializes in portraits, fashion, and spaces with an active photo-art career to boot. A graduate from the prestigious Hallmark Institute of Photography, his photographs have been published in Vogue, Elle Décor, Hello!, India Today, Outlook, BBC GoodHomes, Andpersand, MTV’s Noise Factory, Society Interiors, Better Interiors and Home Review; and clients include ad agencies and designers across the country.

As for what he will be teaching for the basic and advanced modules.


  1. Introduction to Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO, and the relationship between them,i.e. Exposure
  2. Exploring the visual difference that Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO have on an image
    • Depth of Field
    • Showing/Freezing Motion
  3. Practical exercises on achieving good exposure and exploring the visual difference that Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO have on an image
  4. Learning tips and tricks on approximating exposure for various scenarios.
  5. Getting familiar with your DSLR: modes, setting and more
  6. Brief slideshow on the history of photography and a general primer for the different ways of looking at images. Light, line, composition, depth, perspective etc


  1. Portraits in natural light
  2. Posing
  3. Using a reflector
  4. Using artificial light(flash/strobe) with portraits
  5. Mixing ambient/natural light with artificial light(flash/strobe) for portraits

What you need to get

  1. Your Camera and Lens or a prosumer point and shoot camera
  2. Some pictures you have shot, on a pen drive or CD.


  1. Amateur Photographers interested in taking photography seriously. No Age limit/ No Qualifications / No prerequisite except interest.
  2. DSLR Camera users will benefit the most out of the workshop while Consumer Digital Camera users can attend the workshops as well.
  3. Bringing a camera is not mandatory; it is prudent to have one to relate to the topics in question.

The fees for this workshop is available on request.