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We are conducting a ‘Spray Painting Workshop’ by Sunil Gogia on Saturday 17th October, 2015 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at Space 118, 118, Wadi Bunder Road, Opp. Copper Castle bldg., Near St. Mary’s School, Mazagaon, Mumbai-400010. For directions kindly see our website – www.space118.com/contact.html.

ABOUT SUNIL GOGIA: Sunil has been practicing as a spray painting artist for the past 7 years. His works are in the collection of art lovers in India and abroad. His exceptional and unrivalled passion to promote the art, whether in the form of Aerosolgrafia, Wall Art, Graffiti or 3-D Street Art, has won him invitations to conduct workshops for young enthusiasts at IIT’s and IIM’s across India. He is also a stencil / mural art exponent. As an acknowledgment of his skills, he has received extensive print and television media attention for many years.

WHAT WILL BE TAUGHT: The workshop seeks to explore the ‘Aerosolgrafia’ culture as a tool and medium, and explains how Spray Paint artists produce something far beyond the object itself, which entails a journey for the young people to explore an instantaneous art to enrich their lives. Aerosol paints, commonly called spray paints, is considered to be a painting medium created without any idea of what it would create; what it did create was the modern graffiti subculture to begin with. Contemporary Art was always done with a brush, but spray cans have changed everything. Today, the innumerable creative uses of the spray cans viz Graffiti, Aerosolgrafia, Murals, Street Art, 3-D Art, make the medium the most versatile tool to do art with. Its learning empowers you to make art out of just spray cans without the conventional tools like the easel and paint brush, in fact, sans any prior painting skills. The session begins with a power point presentation and viewing related videos. This is followed by a live demo by the trainer. Finally, participants create their own spray paint artwork to take home.

WHAT YOU NEED TO GET: Nothing but yourself!

WHAT WILL BE PROVIDED: All materials will be provided by us, and the charges for the same are inclusive in the fees.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Open to all from the age 8 and above. No prior experience is necessary in the subject or in any related art skill.

Since we have limited seats we will confirm your spot only after receiving the payment for this workshop by 15th October.

For registration information please email – space118studios@gmail.com

Please clearly mention your name, email id and cell phone numbers when making the payment and if you are booking a seat for two or more people kindly mention everyone’s names and contact details as well. Please note that fees cannot be refunded once the payment is made.