FAQ’s for Contemporaries Residency

  1. How do I apply for the Space118 Contemporaries 2020?
    A: You can apply by filling the application form and submitting your resume with your portfolio with last 5 years work. For all artists, pls send in your artworks in the PDF or PPT format, wherein you will specify the Title, Medium, Size and Edition of the work for every artwork.You can also send in your PDF/PPT via wetransfer or dropbox. If you are sending multiple emails, please specify in the title of the email the number of the email. For example :1/3 , 2/3 and 3/3. If you are sending video works, please send the vimeo link with the details of the video in terms of title, size  and duration.
  2. Till when can I apply?
    A: The deadline for submitting the application for the Space118 Contemporaries 2020 is 25th August, 2019.
  3. Where can I send my application?
    A: All application material must be sent via email to space118studios@gmail.com with ‘Space118 Contemporaries Residency 2020’ in the subject line.


  1. How long is the studio given out to the artist?
    A: The studios will be given out for a period of any 2 months over three time slots-March-April 2020, June-July2020, and September-October 2020.


  1. Who can apply?
    A: An artist who has a B.F.A. degree or equivalent with at least 5 years of experience in art making can apply. In case of the later, your portfolio should reflect it. A writer who has a B.A or higher degree can apply for the residency.


  1. I’ve applied for the Space118 Fine Art Grant. Can I apply for the Space118 Contemporaries as well?
    A: As long as you fit the criteria, you can apply for both. However, you need to send individual application forms for each programme.


  1. What will be the selection process?
    A: The selection will be done by the jury which comprises of  Shilpa Gupta, Mortimer Chatterjee and Anurag Khanna for the artists. The writers jury comprises of Nancy Adajania and Anupa Mehta.


  1. Are international artists  and writers allowed to apply?
    A: Yes, All International artists and writers are allowed to apply for the Space118 Contemporaries 2020.


  1. Is there an age eligibility or limit for applying?
    A: Only artists below the age of 40 can apply for the Space118 Contemporaries 2020 Grant. You must be born before 31st December, 2019.


  1. What is the cost of the residency?
    A: There is no cost for applying for the Space118 Contemporaries 2020.  A stipend of Rs.25000 is given to artists and Rs.15000 to writers towards food and travel.


  1. Are there any other costs to be directly handed over to Space118?
    A: No, there is nothing to be paid by the artists to Space118. They only have to donate two artworks at the end of their residency ( one will go to the Space118 collection and one to the sponsor)


  1. Once selected, can the dates be changed?
    A: Once the artist confirms the dates he/she cannot withdraw  or transfer their acceptance and will have to comply with the schedule provided by  Space118. Even in case of unexpected situations, tragedies, health conditions etc, the residency cannot be transferred to another batch or year, once finalised. Please think through your dates thoroughly before you apply.


  1. Do I need to have a specific project in mind?
    A: Yes, you need to have a specific project in mind, which needs to be elaborated in the application form.


  1. Can the project I propose, be the completion of a project that is currently underway?
    A: Absolutely. The proposed project could be used to further an existing project or a work in progress.


  1. I have my two references; do I need to get letters of recommendation from them?
    A: No, letters of recommendation are not required. However, your referees needs to know that they may be contacted by email or phone call during working hours -10am -6pm.


  1. Who does one select, as a referee, for the application?
    A: An ideal referee would be someone from your area of specialty and/ or a prominent figure who knows your work well and has engaged with it. It could be your Professor, Curator, Artist, or anyone from the field of arts.


  1. Would my partner be able to share a week or two of the residency with me as we are travelling together? Are family, children and friends allowed to occupy the room with the artist during their residency tenure?
    A: No overnight stays by visitors are allowed at the studios or in any part of the warehouse premises. Staying overnight is only for artists who have been awarded the residency. Their families, spouses or children are NOT permitted to stay on the premises.


  1. Are the studios/residencies accessible for disabled artists?
    A: If you have special needs, do not hesitate to write to us and seek for any information or clarifications.


  1. Is there internet access?
    A: Yes, we have WI-FI, that is accessible from all studios.


  1. What if  I arrange my own accommodation?
    A: You are most welcome to stay in your home or arrange your own accommodation while you are here. However, you would need to utilise the studios for your work.


  1. Can I travel for a few days/weeks during the residency?
    A:  You are NOT permitted to travel during the residency within or outside the country. The residency is beneficial for all only if you are in the studios through the two months and learning from each other and the city. In case of emergency, you are expected to seek permission for travel, and ONLY if granted, can you book your tickets.


  1. Is the residency open to art writer only or can other apply?
    A: All art and culture based writers can apply.


  1. How can I contact the residency?
    A: With other questions, please email us at space118studios@gmail.com or call us on +91 9820098755.


  1. Can Space118 artists apply for the program?
    A. Yes!