Space118 invites artists from all over India to apply for a production grant in the range of INR 15,000 to 1,00,000 towards the realisation of an ongoing or new project. The grant includes two online mentorship sessions with a senior artist and an online review session with the jury. Aside from the grant bursary and mentorship sessions, the grantees are given the opportunity to show their works through an ‘Online Open Studio day,’ which will be available, along with the website,  across Space118’s social media platforms. The following are the events that take place under the Fine Arts Grant Initiative:

Icebreaker Sessions

Our Grant artists are asked to demonstrate their work and artistic practice during the Icebreaker Session. This session strives to bring these artists together with their contemporaries in order to explore new artistic possibilities and establish a support system and critical feedback network.

Mentorship Sessions

We have devised Online Mentorship Sessions to deepen the artist’s enrichment, where we invite renowned artists, curators, and art historians from many sectors of the art industry to serve as mentors. The goal of these Mentorship sessions is to provide one-on-one dialogue and critical feedback for the grantees. These discussions provide a platform for our Mentors to share their valuable insights, experiences, and knowledge with the grantees.

Social Media Outreach Platforms

Our Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as our monthly newsletter, provide updates on our grantees, their practices, and other ongoing events. We also have each grant artist take over our social media platforms for a week to give our audiences an insight into their creative process. Through these platforms, we are able to create awareness about our initiatives and engage with a global audience.

Online Jury Review Meet

We conducted a Jury Review Meet for Grant Winners 2021-22, where the artists presented their works made during the grant period before the jury consisting of Lekha Poddar, Mortimer Chatterjee and Shilpa Gupta. The jury provided invaluable information and guidance to the artists during the meeting, which was beneficial for them.

Virtual Open Studio Day via Instagram Live and Facebook Live

Space118 held a Virtual Open Studio Day via Instagram and Facebook Live, where the Grant Winners were able to share and present their ideas and research created during their grant term to friends, family, collectors, gallerists, and the general public.

By going online, we break any geographic and other barriers to viewing art.