Fundraiser 2020

ALL IS NOT LOST 20:20:20, Curated by Saloni Doshi

The year 2020 saw unprecedented times, the Coronavirus global pandemic, the cyclone Amphan, locust swarms, migrant labour crisis, starvation deaths, massive unemployment, continued racism in the USA, declining economies, confused financial markets, senseless leaders, rise of superpowers, and an amoral media in the midst of all this. This rhetoric continued and compelled everyone to think differently and device strategies, along with adjusting to the new normal. 

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organisation officially declared the outbreak of a new virus, under the name Covid-19, a pandemic. The invisible threat took its toll on human life and safety, as well as the global economy and collective action, forcing isolation or restricted access to public areas as precautionary measures. Vacant, desolate streets and cities in the midst of social distress, financial uncertainty and climate crisis, echo the urban void and the urgency to remain vigilant and socially alert. 

ALL IS NOT LOST 20:20:20 was a show of 20 young talented artists who responded to this crisis and forged their way forward. They were selected for this year’s show as they have shown incredible talent and resilience over the years. Their work symbolized to be a meditation on the uncertainty of the times we lived in, and our very human, but futile attempts to hold on to the experiences and memories.

The following are the artists who were a part of our Fundraiser 2020: