Fundraiser 2021

ALL THAT IS LIFE, Curated by Saloni Doshi

Lockdown after lockdown, the year 2020 and most of the year 2021, the world was stuck within the confines of four walls. Being home can be a creative journey and sometimes not. Home can become a studio but sometimes not. Relationships and life became transient. Everyone had their own unique experience of loneliness, acceptance and hope. The purpose of this show was to witness transformation and re-birth by following the artist’s internal journey through the pandemic. The new and the old. The known and the unknown. Claustrophobia and finally, freedom.

This show featured 20 upcoming artists who responded to this crisis and forged their way forward. They were selected specifically because of the resilience they have shown over the years. Their work was a meditation on the uncertainty of the times we live in, and our very human, but futile attempts to hold on to experiences and memories.

The following are the artists who were a part of our Fundraiser 2021: