Fundraiser 2022

YOURS IN TRUTH, Curated by Saloni Doshi

The year 2022 saw the world reeling from the pandemic, the Ukraine war, Sri Lanka’s turmoil and global economic upheaval, among many other crises. Equally it became a time for people to come together across geographic boundaries in our hyperconnected world. Patrons of the arts felt an obligation to support artists and the wider ecosystem through this uncertain time.

Through works of art organised thematically, Yours in Truth oriented the audience to the transformational times we live in- from debates on religion, politics, sexuality, urban life and its conspicuous consumption, to artists’ fascination with changing lives of those around them. The artists in this year’s fundraiser were carefully selected by observing their practices, materials and methods develop over a number of years.

The following are the artists who were a part of our Fundraiser 2022: