Mansoor Mansoori

Mansoor Mansoori

Old Roads, 2023
Oil on canvas
8 x 10 Inches (With Frame 8.7 x 10.9 Inches)
Park Study 1, 2023
Water soluble oil on paper
9 x 12 Inches (With Frame 11.2 x 14.2 Inches)
A Perfect Stranger, 2023
Oil on canvas
8 x 10 Inches (With Frame 8.7 x 10.7 Inches)

Mansoor Mansoori (b.1995, Idar, Gujarat, India) completed his BVA in Painting at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, 2016 and MFA, Shiv Nadar University, Dadri, 2020. His works have been exhibited in many group shows, such as at Travancore Palace, New Delhi, 2024; Latitude 28, New Delhi, 2023; Indian Art Fair, New Delhi, 2023; Flying Goat Cafe, Goa, 2022; Gallery Dotwalk, Gurgaon, 2022; Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2019, Amdavad Ni Gufa, 2017 and Kanoria Center for Arts, Ahmedabad, 2017. 

He has been selected for the 4th Edition of Kochi Muziris Students’ Biennale, 2021. 

Mansoor’s artistic practice primarily involves painting, and he strives to visually articulate how he perceives his surroundings, portraying the peculiar nature of time, memory, and existence altogether.  His practice engages in the exploration of the often overlooked aspects of our daily lives, crafting a visual representation that captures the essence of the unnoticed but integral elements that shape human existence. His works extensively focus on the vulnerable human presence in urban landscapes. The atmosphere within the paintings evokes a reality that is simultaneously familiar and mysterious. The paintings depict empty and controlled landscapes, metaphorically suggesting an intimate reflection of his inner self. They exude a profound sense of stillness, fostering an atmosphere that reflects upon modern-day alienation.

Mansoor Mansoori lives and works in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Shadow Journal , 2024
Oil on canvas
72 x 60 Inches (With Frame 72.5 x 62.5 Inches)