Baroda, Gujarat – 1999:

Chhaap translates to “print”in the regional language. This not-for-profit cooperative was co-established by Kavita Shah, Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, and Vijay Baghodi in 1999. The three artists and educators involved in the project works to create and raise appreciation, awareness, and support of different printmaking techniques by practicing it. The studio space is equipped, with all the materials and tools that an artist might need for etching, drypoint, lino, woodcut, and mono-print. The foundation is frequently visited by senior Indian artists and international artists, allowing young local artists to interact with diverse sets of artists. The foundation has a vigorous and engaging annual print workshop schedule to promote the art of printmaking and support local artists.
Chhaap foundation also offers short residency programs for both domestic and international printmakers. The residency encourages artists to share their knowledge and technique through workshops on their visit to Chhaap. The participating artists get the opportunity to interact with young students through seminars and lectures due to the organizer’s close association with the Faculty of Fine Arts MSU Vadodara. At the end of each residency, artists are promoted through open studios or exhibitions. The residency program can host a small number of artists, and because of its location, the artists have much required solitary and the right balance of social and cultural interaction. For instance, Maya Portner, a Hawaiian based printmaker and educator, visited in the winter of 2012. She fondly writes “I enjoyed meeting interesting people, attended a concert, exhibition openings, film screenings, visited many artists studios” The printmaking residency at Chhaap is truly a global establishment that supports the skilful art of printmaking.



Text Courtesy : Space118

Image Courtesy : CHAAP