Mumbai, Maharashtra – 2012:

Situated in Borivali, Mumbai, at the edge of civilization and wilderness — having its boundary walls separating us from the National Park territory — CONA was founded In 2012 by Shreyas Karle and Hemali Bhuta along with a few friends who shared the studio with them. “But along the way and overtime people have come and left, leaving us as the only constant of the space,” say Karle and Bhuta.

Initially, the artists always imagined a Bauhaus situation. “On coming to Bombay after finishing our masters at M.S.University (Baroda) in 2010, we strongly felt the need to firstly have common working studios, where one could be very open about one’s practice, where the individual and collective spaces could blur and wherein knowledge could be shared and not conserved for individual growth but for a collective learning and enquiry and critique” share Karle and Bhuta. This then led to the founding of CONA as a space. Over time, CONA has become a kind of a commune, wherein we come together, live, eat, work, think together but keep our individualness intact.



Text Courtesy : Space118

Image Courtesy : CONA