Kanoria Centre for Arts


Ahmedabad, Gujarat- 1984

Kanoria Center for Arts is located in the dead center of Ahmedabad’s cultural and
higher educational axis. On the one hand, Kanoria shares its campus with the CEPT
University on University road. On the other, is the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum, NC
Mehta Gallery, Ahmedabad ni Gufa, and many more fraternities of art. The founder,
Urmila Kailash Kanoria, personally sorted the location of the site under the guidance of B.V Doshi in the early 80s.
Kanoria Center opened its doors to artists and individuals from creative fields in
1984, with the support of Dr. B. V. Doshi and Ahmedabad Education Society. Urmila
Kanoria, an advocate and patron of Indian art and culture, lived in Kolkata before she
moved to Ahmedabad in the 80s. She is an ardent believer and preacher of the
importance of the arts in life and is famously known for stating, “without art, there is no
Life.” She was motivated to build an art center that resembled Shantiniketan and played
a similar role in the city of Ahmedabad.
The Kanoria Center for Arts is a not-for-profit, self-sustaining art organization
dedicated to cultivating a creative and encouraging environment. The residency is not
limited to artists but invites writers, architects, and other creative individuals to
participate. Artists are expected to give one of their art works by the end of their
residency. It is open for both domestic and international artists, with the studio for
painters, sculptors, and printmakers. It provides an annual fellowship for artists in their
early careers. The art center hosts recurring summer, foundation classes, and workshops
for both adults and children. The residency thrives on providing a stimulating
environment with a supportive cohort. The Kanoria Center for Arts provided much-
required attention and support for artists who have just finished their higher education
or are in their early careers.