NIV Arts Centre


New Delhi -2008:

The slightly of the centre part of Delhi, Shaji and Aruna Mathew started Niv Art Centre in 2008, as a refuge for young and emerging artists from across the globe. The space in Delhi works offers studio space for artists to come and use, and even exhibit works, and also runs a film production house: Niv Art Movies, and a school for underprivileged children: Niv Vidya Mandir School.
They also have a residency space in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Between the two spaces, residencies and programs are run for artists, offering among other things, logistical support, and production assistance.
The program has been helmed by curators like Georgina Maddox, Anoop Kamath, Lubna Sen, Hasin Pei Tesng, and Johny ML. Among the artists who have been part of NIV in different kinds of programs are Pratap Morey, Rahul Chauhan, Nakul Mondal, Biplab Mohanta, Ajay Sharma, Priyesh Privedi, Rahul Gautam, Rinki Chauhan, Hanifa Alizada (Afghanistan), Li-Kuei Pi (Taiwan), and Rouge (France).
Niv has been a great collaborator, and has had many a partnerships with institutions like Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Korean Culture Centre, Japan Foundation, and Art For Change Foundation.
One of the flagship programs IGNOU ROAD has seen great success, and some very interesting interactions with the local community; with support from Kanchan Chander, Rajan Sripad Fulari, Sidharth Artist, Seema Kohli, Pranamita Borgohain, Vikas Kumar, and Rajeev Sethi.
Niv Art Movies is a film production company set up by Shaji Mathew in 2008. They have produced 6 Malayalam films so far: Aahuti (2020), Chola (2019), Nila – A River of Sere Sandskjhgja (2018), S Durga (2017), Ozhivu Divasathe Kali (2015), Oraalppokkam (2014).
NIV is among the organisers of the performance art festival/ marathon OBLAK PERFORMANCES, slated to happen on the 14 of June, on a digital platform.



Text Courtesy : Space118

Image Courtesy : NIV Arts Centre