Piramal Art Residency

Thane, Maharashtra – 2016:Since it’s first residency project starting February 1, 2016, the Piramal Art Residency in Thane has completed 24 cycles. Founded by Piramal Realty and Piramal Art Foundation, its residency has seen participation by over 100 artists. “Piramal Realty places art and culture as one of its core values. Therefore, a platform to support young and emerging artists was created,” says Ashvin Rajagopalan, director of Piramal Art Residency. “The primary purpose for setting up the residency was to allow artists to create freely, to interact with their peers and to learn from mentors. Each cycle is structured around a theme. The residency is autonomous with no interference from either myself or the management. “
The residency managers, curators and mentors plan the whole cycle. Among the many participants of the residency are Parag Natekar, C Krishnaswamy, Sheetal Chitlur, Sumana Som, Sreeju Radhakrishnan, Parag Tandel, and Khageswar Rout.



Text Courtesy : Space118

Image Courtesy : Piramal Art Residency