Priyasri Studios

Baroda, Gujarat – 2003:

Priyasri Studios in Baroda and Priyasri Art Gallery in Mumbai opened in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Both the studios and the gallery are the brainchild of Priyasri Patodia. Still, the actual date of the studio’s inception predates 2003. Priyasri’s mother, Madhu Patodia, needs to be credited for conceptualizing the idea of forming studio spaces that can be used by young Baroda artists in the ’80s. After the Patodia family moved to Baroda (from Delhi) in the early 1978, Madhu befriended many artists from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU. The couple would regularly have artists visit their house and commission artists to make works of art for them. Priyasri fondly remembers that due to her mother’s close friendship with these young artists, she once learned how to sand casting while helping Jagannath Panda. The Priyasri studios have been very responsive and adaptive to the artists’ changing needs. Priyasri’s mother conceptually founded the studio, later Priyasri became friends with a cohort of artists for whom she found studio space. Soon after, Priyasri dedicated her time and efforts to exclusively supporting young artists, and now Priyasri Studio has both painting and printmaking facilities.

The studios are located in the dead center of Baroda city on Productivity Road. The location enables artists to have easy access to the Faculty of Fine Arts, to interact with the thriving local art scene. The studio hosts artists for three months, and each cycle ends with an open studio. The studio dedicates its space, facilities, and connections to help launch young artists’ careers. Priyasri takes a unique interest in helping these artists to develop a proper channel to start showing their works. Thus, the gallery acts as an essential counterpart to the commercial side.



Text Courtesy : Space118

Image Courtesy : Priyasri Studios