Baroda, Gujarat – 1999


SITE Art Space is a one-stop destination for sculpture and architecture solutions.

It is located in the heart of Vadodara’s industrial area. But once you walk inside the

space, the lush green grass and the thick foliage of trees at the SITE helps you ignore the

industrial sounds.

The art space was established in the year of 1999 by two brothers, Manish and

Piyush Maheshwari, as Rachaita Creative Solutions. Soon, they introduced the SITE art

space, under which there is a display gallery, a gift show, a cafe, and India’s first

residency dedicated to sculpting. The unique aspect of the residency is that it is a one-

stop-shop for all the tools and infrastructure to help an artist to create kinetic and

monumental sculptures. With the help and support of Manish’s technical expertise and

his skilled team, the artists have created some spectacular sculptures in the past. For

instance, all the fiber-glass elephants that were part of the Elephant Parade in 2017 were

made at SITE art space. The project was funded by the British royal family, and the

donation was made to conserve the elephant population in India. In the past they have

also hosted international artists like the German artists Ellinor Euler and Salmagundi

an artist from Australia.

The gallery space, which is unique in its makeshift multipurpose walls, was designed by

Samira Rathod in 2013. The gallery space is regularly used to display the collection and

to host art shows. Even if the residency is not an active aspect of SITE art space in the

present day, the fascinating aspect of the space is, it still retains the essence of the

creative interaction that took place.