SPACE Studio

Baroda, Gujarat – 2006:

Space studio were established in 2006 under the supervision of Krupa Amin in the city of Baroda. Since its inception, the studio has hosted over 250 artists. The founder of the organization belongs to a Baroda based corporation called The Alembic Group. The corporation has been patrons of all cultural activities since the 1950’s. The Space Studio regularly hosts art exhibitions, talks, music concerts, children literature festivals, design weekends, and many more.
The residency is an independent, not-for-profit organization aiming to support artists through studio space and engaging programming: they organize artist and curatorial mentorship sessions, site visits, workshops, talks, and masterclasses. Space Studio selects artists through an open call. They hold three to four group residencies cycle over a year, and each cycle ends with an open house. Space studio are conceptualized to provide participating artists with seven spacious studios, printing facilities, a reading room, a gallery space, a stimulating environment, and opportunities to network with other practitioners of visual arts. Space Studio hosts regular open studios where the participating artists are encouraged to interact with the city’s art enthusiasts, young and senior artists.
The existing studio space is located within the Alembic Museum Square since March 2019. The museum square with its new beautiful location has been restored to become the new cultural center for the city. This new site has an exciting backdrop of an inactive pharmaceutical plant that has been repurposed to house these studios. It has a feel of old industrial, architectural, historic buildings that have gone through intensive conservation under the guidance of Shyam Khandekar and Karan Grover Associates.

Text Courtesy : Space118

Image Courtesy : SPACE Studio