SPACE Studios



Baroda, Gujarat- 2006


Space studios were established in 2006 under the supervision of Krupa Amin in

the city of Vadodara. Krupa from Vadodara’s industrial family, who have made their

fortune through a century-old pharmaceutical industry. The family has been patrons of

all cultural activities since the 1940’s they have been in regular interaction with artists

from the Faculty of Fine Arts. The existing studio space is located in the Alembic

Museum Square since 2019.

The present studio space with its new beautiful location has been restored to

become the new cultural center for the city. This new site has an exciting backdrop of an

inactive pharmaceutical plant that has been repurposed to house these studios. It has a

feel of old industrial, architectural, historic buildings that have gone through intensive

conservation under the guidance of Shyam Khandekar and Karan Grover Associates.

The Alembic Museum Square also has an art gallery with its permanent collection on

display. For example, Vishwa Shroff’s His-Story Project, a site-specific floor work raises

an excellent commentary on viewers’ interaction with restored spaces. As Shroff states,

this work enables the viewers to wonder if these drawn tiles are part of the architectural

residues or an intervention to add to the history of this space.

Space studios are conceptualized to provide participating artists with spacious

studios, stimulating environment, and opportunities to network with other practitioners

of visual arts. Space Studio hosts regular open studios where the participating artists are

encouraged to interact with the city’s art enthusiasts, young and senior artists. The

participating artists get a fantastic opportunity to interact with established artists from

the city through studio visits.