Apurva Jaiswal

Apurva Jaiswal




1995, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Apurva Dharmendrakumar Jaiswal is an artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat and she completed her Diploma In Painting from Sheth C N College Of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad in 2019 and she is completing her Masters of Visual Arts in Graphic Arts from M.S. University of Baroda in 2021.


Apurva’s work can be described as autobiographical as she expresses her personal struggles with communicating emotions, and how she is left overwhelmed by the extremities of these emotions. Her practice serves as a vehicle to express the words she is unable to utter or the feelings she is unable to show. Observing herself and her own behavior is how she goes about her work, as she feels she is the only subject she can study as deeply and critically. Getting into a proper mental state is as important as addressing her mood swings, as both states are part of who she is and hence part of her work.


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Telephone: +91 8200280136

Email: apurva@nisarg.pro

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