Asavari Gurav

Asavari Gurav




1996, Goa, India


Asavari Gurav had completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from M.S. University of Baroda, and she is completing her  Masters of Visual Art in Graphic Arts from M.S. University of Baroda. She had recently participated in Zine making workshop, ‘ee in SF’ led by Renuka Rajiv, at KNMA(2020), Global Film Cultures, Living Bridge, by Dr. Nandana Bose(2020), Miniature Workshop, by Ajay Sharma, Painting Dept. MSU(2016). She took part in a Theatre workshop by Mr. P.S. Chari, M.S.U(2016). She also had a chance to show her works in the Students’ Biennale, in the online viewing room-Library, ‘Annals: A Repository’ (2021), Display of Goa Open Arts work at Sunapranta, Goa Centre for the Arts(2021), Goa Open arts Catalyst Grant (2021).


Her works stem from various points of reference such as Poetry, Prose, Theatre, Music, Identity, Culture, and the Socio-Political. Through her works, she wants to unravel the dialogue between the real and the world of imagination. Mark making, textures, become essential ingredients for bringing in the ephemeral qualities into an absurd narrative. Printmaking for her is a means to encode images with memory, allegory, motifs and capture a sense of the fleeting onto the matrix. What fascinates her the most is the translation which takes place in the process of making. The printed work archives the ‘performative’ and presents themselves as excerpts from the artist’s book.


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