Avinash S. Bhishnurkar

Avinash S. Bhishnurkar



Avinash S. Bhishnurkar is from Amravati, Maharashtra, India. He did his graduation from MSU of Baroda with a specialization in Sculpture in 2018. Now he is pursuing his Masters in Sculpture from the same faculty.

He has been awarded the Prof. Mahendra Pandya Art Achievement Award, Baroda. He has participated in various exhibitions and workshops such as Medley – Group show at Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU of Baroda in 2017; Glass Workshop-2016 at the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU 2016; Group Show Conducted by Art Society of India at Jehangir Gallery Mumbai in 2018; Convergence – M.V.A 1st Group show at Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU of Baroda, 2020; October Fest – Group Show At a Rukshaan art gallery Mumbai 2019; Stone Carving Camps 2018 & 2019 At Reliance Art Centre Vadodara.


Avinash’s works give us a glimpse of a smile and child-likeness in a serious world. He wants his viewers to feel innocence and a freedom of exploring materiality through his sculptures. He wants the viewer to engage again in the little things that they had enjoyed when they were children – like scribbling without inhibitions. When these memories are recalled, one can suddenly refresh their mind, and one experiences innocence, freedom of thought and actions. That is the time when one doesn’t have to think about the future, and one is just living in the present without being worried about anything. Avinash intends to evoke these feelings in the viewer through his works.


Contact Details:

Telephone: +91 7041644280 , +91 8177936186

Email: bhishnurkaravinash@gmail.com

Instagram: avinashbhishnurkar

Facebook: Avinash Bhishnurkar