Dakshayani Chippada

Dakshayani Chippada



  • Untitled, Lithograph, 14 x 10 inches, 2020


1998, Gajapathinagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India


Dakshayani Chippada is an artist from Gajapathinagaram, Andhra Pradesh and she completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam in 2019 and she is completing his Masters of Visual Arts in Graphic Arts from M.S. University of Baroda in 2021.


In Dakshayani’s view, beauty does not belong to the object being represented but relates to what we experience through them. The quality and essence of an object are derived from its utility and do not lie in its physical structure. She is fascinated by the social system in the present society and tries to portray the social class with their behavioral conduct, status, importance, and social identity as a specific character. The class division has a deep impact on her mind since she had witnessed scenarios concerning this division and felt repressed emotions because of it. Everyone has a different lifestyle, needs, desires which connect to their status. The changes which happen are based on circumstances, feelings, emotions expressed in her works, not directly but through the objects which she encounters in her daily life. Intense interest in drawing led her to do etchings and try to experiment with other mediums. She uses copper wire along with drawings which is more flexible and gives fineness to the work.


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