Daniel Babu

Daniel Babu




1993, Ernakulam, Kerala, India


Daniel is an artist and sculptor who pursued a diploma in design from Srishti School of Art and Technology Bangalore, after which he completed both his Bachelor’s and Masters in Visual Arts from the Department of Sculpture of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Vadodara. Daniel exhibited his works, during his degree show, at the Faculty of Fine Arts and was awarded the Prof. Jeram Patel Art Foundation Award, 2018-2019. He has also exhibited at the Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2019 where he received an award by “Late Shri K. D. (Dada) Mahajani” organized by the Art Society of India 101St Annual show.

Daniel lives and works in Kerala.



Daniel likes to enquire into the relationship between space along the objects that reside in it. Through this inquiry, he tries to capture the human interaction that takes place within a space, looking at the socio-political aspects and the relevance of objects within a space that gives us a hint as to how we think and function. The space in which a person resides becomes an extension of his/her thoughts. He explores this concept in his work, documenting different spaces and capturing the presence and allocation of objects in that space, be it in order or chaos.

His working style is a spontaneous one in which he lets his subconscious mould the clay, keeping his observations and research as just a reference. Playing with the idea of clay transcending human emotion as well as time and space, he represents clay as a biomorphic form, which seems to be in emotional distress.  His works are created by treating clay as a living entity that is reacting to its surroundings and at the same time reflecting the collective emotion of the artist on the clay body. The forms are generally created in a spontaneous movement without trying to limit the forms to any particular object or thing. Certain aspects of nature such as life cycle of growth, decay, and self-sustenance are taken up as inspiring concepts.



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