Dhruv R. Patel

Dhruv R. Patel

  • Trespasser who.. ??, 2020 - 22 x 25.5 x 38 in Brass, Acrylic sheet, Soil And Bonsai plant



Dhruv R. Patel is from Baroda, Gujarat. He completed his graduation from MSU of Baroda with a specialization in Sculpture in 2018. Now he is pursuing his Post-Diploma from the same faculty.

He has been awarded the Jeram Patel Foundation Award for the Bachelor’s Degree Show, MSU of Baroda in 2018. His other exhibitions and camps include – A group show titled ‘October Fest’ at Rukshaan Art Gallery Mumbai, 2019; Art Society of India at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai, in 2018; Whitefield Art Collective Bangalore, in 2018; Dumas Art Project Surat, in 2018; Contemporary Group show in event Art for All in association with Paliwal Arts Studios and Reliance Mega Vadodara, in 2016; Stone Carving camp at Reliance Art centre, Reliance Township Vadodara, in 2018 and 2019. He has also completed an internship in Sand Casting at Rajput Moulding works Vadodara, in 2019.


Dhruv’s passion and love for animals reflect in his sculpture. He observes the activities and emotions of animals very closely and tries to bring out a similar liveliness in his works. Exploring different mediums and using them to bring emotions in his sculptures is his favourite part of his work. His personal connection with animals persuades him to study their activities, patterns, and issues faced by them.


Contact Details:

Telephone: +91 9624732442

Email: pateldhruv273@gmail.com

Instagram: dhruvvpatel_10 , art_aisthetikos

Facebook: Dhruv Patel