Drashti Garala

Drashti Garala




1996, Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Drashti Garala is an artist from Vadodara, Gujarat. She completed her BVA (2019) and MVA (2021) in Painting from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. She has been exhibiting regularly in several group exhibitions, like the 1st National Tagore Exhibition of Painting (2019), the Nasreen Mohamedi Scholarship Award Display, MSU Fine Arts, Baroda (2019) She was also a participant in the ENCORE Final Display at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (2019), Raku Ceramic Exhibition at the Fine Arts Faculty of MSU (2017,2018), as well as a Group Exhibition at the Baroda Museum (2017). She is now currently living and continuing her studio practice in Vadodara.



Drashti’s subjects have always been the elderly and their surroundings. Their old faces and wrinkles are likened by Drashti to folds and creases in drapery. Not only does she associate certain feelings with the elderly from her village, but spending time with them gives her immense joy. Through her work, she also wants to impart a social message – that there’s nothing greater in life than an elder’s blessings, but why do we have more and more people leaving their elderly parents at old age homes?

While doing these portraits, she not only tried to capture faces from different cultural and geographical locations but was also trying to understand the different local traditions and crafts. Recently, Drashti’s works have been exploring the relationship between herself and the elders, while re-creating the reality of an elderly villager’s life, their conversations, and memorable days, with the attachment and the emotions that she feels towards them.



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