Gaurang Naik

Gaurang Naik




1996, Goa, India


Gaurang Naik has completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Goa College of Art (2019), and he is completing his Masters of Visual Arts in Painting from M.S. University of Baroda. Recently, he participated in the Students Biennale Workshop – “Unmaking conventions: Location as Resource” by Sanchayan Ghosh (2021). He has also been part of group exhibitions including Goa Open Arts Festival, (2020); 102nd The Art Society of India, Mumbai (2020), and ‘Into the Vault’ with Goa Artist Collective at the Museum of Goa (2019). He is also a recipient of the Batch of 1990 award for best work, Goa College of Art (2019). He was awarded the Late Hanumant B. Neugi Memorial Prize, 44th State Art Exhibition Kala Academy, Goa (2019); Awarded 1st Prize, 43rd State Art Exhibition, Kala Academy, Goa (2018).



Gaurang Naik’s hometown, Xelvona in South Goa, is flanked on one side by the ancient capital of Goa, “Chandor”, known for its history and heritage. On the other side is “Sanvordem”, the mining capital of Goa. He has seen areas covered in red lateritic, dust spewed by the heavily laden ore trucks, exporting parts of the Goan hills to other countries, and deteriorating aged heritage structures left at nature’s disposal. Growing up in between these contradictory states, along with constant exposure to a changing environment, land utility purpose, and loss of cultural heritage have informed his areas of interest. 

He is interested in sites and objects, where humans and nature collide. The interplay between the built and the natural environment; the consequences this interaction leaves behind in the form of textures, dust, and scars of traces in the surroundings is what intrigues him. He explores the concept and techniques of his process through varied mediums and experimentations that reincorporate cultural histories, traditions, contrasts of situations, and conservation of antiquity.

He is also intrigued by the way nature reacts to human recklessness. While both mining and tourism have been the economic backbone for Goa, the two always seek to eliminate the other. His current practice explores the idea of this give and take; and what is left in this compromise. He looks at the potential of working with the material itself.



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