Kapil Jangid

Kapil Jangid

  • They Want To Live How Others Live (Installation View), 2020 - Variable Dimensions Concrete Cast, Wood, Mirror, Glass, Found Objects and Mixed Media



Kapil Jangid graduated from the Department of Painting, MSU of Baroda in 2018. Currently, he is completing his Master’s in Painting from the same faculty.

He has been a part of five group shows including Thinking matter: an exhibition of Objects curated by Mario D’Souza in space gallery, Vadodara 2020; Art District Gallery, Delhi in 2019; In making’, with his fellow Bachelor’s classmates at the Fine Arts Exhibition hall, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda in 2018; Degree show in the year 2018; and ‘Transformation of Ideas’ in the year 2016. He is also a recipient of the Kalpana Reddy Award in the year 2018 and Nasreen Mohammedi scholarship in 2017. He was also named the First Runner up, under the category of Emerging Artist of the Year, Glenfiddich Air Art Award in Delhi.

Kapil’s work deals with ideas of sustainability, utopian dreams of incremental architecture for common people and urban anthropology. In this fast-paced world, development is exploding; everyone wants to live in big cities, but in India, we don’t have enough cities to accommodate rural populations. For him, the city is a reflection of many ideologies and different socio-political points of view. He is a son of a migrant family from Rajasthan, and now lives near the industrial area in Bajwa village, Vadodara, Gujarat. In cities, he has observed old structures being demolished to make brand new ones. This is saddening for him; He believes in the renovation of existing spaces.

He makes small structures, drawings, photographic collages which are all minimalistic. He is also interested in the placement of other objects that he makes or collects within his works. Small structures or objects act as puzzles for him, which also lends an interactive playfulness to his work. His technical skills in model-making come from having exposure to his father’s profession as a carpenter, which is a traditional family occupation.


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Instagram: doggojangid0506

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