Khalida Khatun

Khalida Khatun

  • Growth, 2018 - 18 x 10 in and 15 x 8 in Bronze


Khalida Khatun is from Bengal, India. She completed her Bachelor’s from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan in 2017. She is currently completing her Masters from the Sculpture department at MSU of Baroda. She has participated in various exhibitions, workshops, and received scholarships.


Organic elements of nature, such as the form of a tree or particularly the textures on it inspire Khalida; they help her gauge the concept of growth in nature. Growth is perhaps the longest of the three parts of the cycle of life – birth, growth, and death. To realise an abstract concept through real forms and organic materials she started to express the growth in nature and human life in an abstract form, which becomes the key to understand her work.

Looking at civilization from the prehistoric to modern era, one finds transition of human existence from communities to individuals.  Gradually, the distance between the individuals grows and loneliness sneaks in. The families that once held generations together fall apart. She grew up experiencing the dynamics of such a family. Hence, her works reflect cracks and wrinkles within families. Looking at nature, she finds how the weak and strong, the old and young co-exist among plants, animals, and insects. This inspires her to hold on to the idea of the togetherness of a family in life and works.


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Instagram:  khalida8293