Maitri Vyas Rajput

Maitri Vyas Rajput

  • You Become What You Think, 2020 - 5 x 5 in Etching Emboss



Maitri Vyas Rajput is from Baghpat, Uttarpradesh. She completed her BFA from Government College of Art, Chandigarh, 2017. She received the Best Etching print award in her Bachelor’s program during the third and fourth years consecutively during the final shows. She has participated in group shows organised by Shimla Art Gallery and Amritsar Art Gallery in 2016 and the National Printmaking Workshop organized by Chandigarh Lalit Kala Academy in 2017. After her Bachelors she got selected to work for one year (2017-2018) at Garhi Lalitkala studio, New Delhi. Maitri is currently in the final Semester of the MVA in Printmaking, MSU of Baroda.


 In Maitri’s works, her personal experiences play the most important part. Circumstances that she went through, what she felt in different situations of life is the key source of her ideas. Human behaviour always triggered her to question hypocrisy.

Her keen observation of different situations and stages of her mother’s life motivated her to see her life through the VIBGYOR to depict her vicissitude of moods. Each colour talks about her mothers’ life’s ups and downs. Maitri shows all these emotions in her “The Puppet Show” series. The technique of embossing in white on white plays an important role, usually white stands for peace and equality, and on the other hand, white is also the origin of VIBGYOR. As white embraces every colour in it but still never loses its individuality, life should embrace each moment but it must not lose its grace. This is the essence that she observed in her mother’s life and the mental strength that made her stand firm till today gracefully.


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