Mehedi Ahmed Shaikat

Mehedi Ahmed Shaikat




1995, Gopalganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Mehedi Ahmed Shaikat is an artist from Gopalganj, Dhaka, and has completed his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Khulna University, Bangladesh in 2019 and he is completing his Masters of Visual Arts in Graphic Arts from M.S. University of Baroda in 2021.


Throughout the M.V.A course, Mehedi focused on the stone lithography process and so most of his works are lithograph prints. The subjects of his works are mainly landscapes and based on metaphoric concepts.

 Because of the Covid Crisis, Mehedi got stuck in India, far away from his homeland. This block according to him was not merely an outer occurrence but also something inside his own mind. At this time, we all are fighting a fight we didn’t sign up for and this struggle was evident in Mehedi’s work, as he expresses his feelings of dissociation. Carrying on with work in the light of all that was happening was difficult for Mehedi. He practiced in a random manner, with works depicting his loneliness and seemingly having no connections to each other and perhaps truly speaks of and resonates with the confused state we are in history.



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Telephone: +91  9328821195


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