Mrunalini Rajwart Kamble

Mrunalini Rajwart Kamble

  • Renounce, 2020 - 10 x 13 in Etching and Aquatint



Mrunalini Rajwart Kamble was born in 1995 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. She received her BFA in Painting  from the Government College of Art and Design, Nagpur in 2018. For her Master’s Programme she joined the Department of Graphics in MSU of Baroda ,Gujarat. She has participated in a group show “Monsoon ” at the Jehangir Art gallery, Mumbai in 2018. She has also received an Award from the Art Society of Indian in 2019 and an Award in Printmaking at the Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy Exhibition in 2020.


The intimate relationship between the idea of light and space is what Mrunalini attempts to bring in her visual practice through her daily experiences.  Her work stems from the interpretation of the ‘self’ and corresponds to the immediate surrounding. Bringing her personal experiences into the visuals made her realise the correspondence between the self and its immediate surroundings that include lots of space. Her efforts are to understand the context of the existence of elements in space. These spaces are also confined to specific contexts that limit the identification of a site. The interpretation and extension of the existing interior and architectural sites, negotiate with the surrounding spaces. The darkness of the space represents negativity and the light signifies positivity that regenerates the memories of her encounters with space.



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