Nitesh Chaudhari

Nitesh Chaudhari




1994, Surat, Gujarat, India


Nitesh Chaudhari was born and brought up in the Borigala village in the Surat district, which is home to a large tribal population. He completed a diploma in Drawing & Painting from the Sheth C.N College of Fine arts, Ahmedabad (2016).  He further went on to pursue an Advanced Diploma (PDVA) in Creative Painting from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (2021). His workshops include the Gujarat Kalaprathisthan Painting Workshop in 2014. He was also a participant in the 13th Kalavart International Art festival at the Kalavart Nyas, Ujjain (2013). Nitesh currently lives and works in Nizampura, Baroda.  



Nitesh’s artistic practice deals with the study and observation of his surrounding environment and daily life. He tries to incorporate the simple living of people in his region, depicting an environment where one can experience the beautiful and idyllic village life along with certain truths that govern life in these villages.

His works try to express his vast experiences through various subjective fragments. Though they seem to be an exact reflection of the actual event, they are brought forward by a deeper understanding of caste backgrounds, religious differences, and gender-based differentiation of labor, as an important and truthful fragment of village life. He finds mediums like watercolor and charcoal sticks, most suitable to render his observations, experiences, and expressions. His preference for these mediums comes from the fact that they can be easily used to work on-site, at various places in his village, to study and draw out the actual incident happening in those particular surroundings.

In his ongoing works, he is trying to archive various cultural places, rituals, objects, and materials through his drawings. These places not only define but also point out the important differences in ritualistic practices and cultural parameters between different villages.



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