Payal Rajput

Payal Rajput




1997, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India


Payal completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2018, specializing in Painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, then followed by a Master’s degree from the Mural Department, MSU, completed in 2021. She presented her works in a group show, Kalasangrah II, at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad in January 2021. She also participated in the Goa Affordable Art Fest, Goa in 2020. She took part in the Bachelor’s preview show, followed by the Annual display at the Faculty in 2018. She was also a part of the Project Eco Walk organized by artist Arunkumar H.G. in the year 2017 in Karnataka. She participated in the Raku workshop headed by the artist Shampa Shah in the year 2017 and showcased her works in a group show, ‘’Raku’’ at the Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2017. She was also a part of a Digital Art workshop at the Faculty of Fine Arts, followed by a group show, ‘’Transformation of Ideas’’ in the year 2016.



Payal’s practice is invested in re-introducing spaces of old architecture as a source to trigger and experience a memory. Her constant emphasis lies in creating a space filled with emotional triggers, referencing the images from her ancestral home. Her work takes a walk through time and space where working with the clay itself confronts sudden flashes of memories. By drawing upon the dilapidated and abandoned rural architecture, the temporal state of the house is attained which is now nearly left to ruin. Focusing on the tactility, interiority, and exteriority of the spaces, focused elements, peripheral visions, and quality of the architecture which lends a metaphysical experience, the work takes shape. The hollow terracotta sculptures from the series of works “TO BE REMEMBERED OR TO FORGET”, are set to evoke memories and past events or inhabited spaces. The series also includes hand-painted curtains and postcards. In re-creating intimate spaces filled with memories the work takes place in the form of painting, sculptures, and installation.



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