Preya Bhagat

Preya Bhagat

  • Nobody Knows I, 2019 - 10 x 15 cm (Each) Drypoint



Preya Bhagat was born in 1994 at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. India. She completed her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in Painting in 2017. A year after she practiced in the medium of Graphics at Garhi Studio, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. Since the initial years of the studies of BFA she has been  interested in exploring the Printmaking mediums and its possibilities. Thereafter, she pursued her Postgraduate studies at the Department of Graphics, MSU of Baroda.

Her works have been exhibited in various International Exhibitions, such as 1st Print Biennale India 2018, organized and conducted by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; International Ural Print Triennial Russia 2019, Ufa (Russia, Bashkortostan); The South Asian Young Printmakers Award 2019, Kibria Printmaking Studio, Dhaka, Bangladesh; International Printmaking Biennial in Cacak, Serbia. Preya was also a part of International Group Show ‘स्त्रीदृष्टि’ ( Stree Vision) comprising of 51 Indian women Printmakers by Lalit Kala Akademi in collaboration with Eugeniuz Geppert Academy of Art and Design Wroclaw Poland;  On the Threshold of Time No: 7- URBANIA at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi 2019. She also participated in various national Exhibitions organized by Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata; India Printmaker House, Delhi; Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata and Abir, Ahmedabad.

She has received South Asian Young Printmakers Award 2019; 1st Print Biennale Award India 2018; Young Artist Scholarship 2018-19, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and 2nd Award in Graphics, Himachal State Museum.


Preya believes that a multitude of life experiences go on to make what our emotional state of mind is. The human identity usually deals with various emotional states of mind which could be emerging through diverse individual circumstances. As women, though we do not differ biologically from each other, we are uniquely distinct at the emotional level. However, there are certain similarities we could find to a certain extent in the gender by and large. Yet, each individual responds differently to situations and circumstances which impact one’s emotional behaviour at different times. Accordingly, she has been depicting the multiple dimensions of her emotional states through her genre of works.

The pictorial essence of her work undergoes alteration according to the shifts in her emotional states that she simulates with ‘Ocean Waves’. The different diameters of waves and their variation in magnitude shape up the Ocean. One can identify the waves with melody and rhythm. Likewise, the diverse emotional states of her mind reflect the varying creative identities in her.



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