Purvi Mistry

Purvi Mistry

  • Untitled, 2020 - 11 x 14.5 in Paper Cutting and Mixed Media on Gateway Paper



Purvi Mistry was born in 1996 in Baroda, Gujarat, India. She received her Bachelor’s from the Painting Department at MSU of Baroda and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Painting from the same. She has participated in the following group exhibitions: Bachelor of Visual Art Bachelor Degree Show at MSU of Baroda, in 2018; and The Environmental Situation Room by Kala Chaupal Trust in 2020. She has received a young artist scholarship by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India in 2019.


Purvi engages herself in noticing people’s behaviour, nature and also how they interact with her. Initially she started making a series of drawings of her mother. This eventually led to an interest in actions and behaviour of her classmates and those in her immediate surroundings. From this moment, she realized her fascination with movement and animated figures. She also started to to notice distinct behaviours. Her work is concerned with human nature and showing gestural movements in a static construct. She has been exploring this idea of overlapping human movements by the use of multiple lines and tones. Forceful lines and the act of capturing live image one after another on the same plane have been her areas of interest.


Contact details:

Telephone: +91 9157320461

Email: mpurvi1996@gmail.com

Instagram: purvimistry96

Facebook: Purvi Mistry