Rutuja Siddam

Rutuja Siddam




1997, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India


Rutuja Siddam has completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, Maharashtra (2018), and is completing her Masters of Visual Arts in Graphics from M.S. University of Baroda. Recently she has participated in workshops such as ‘How to transmit earworm’, a sound workshop by KNMA (2021) and ’In between’ by KONA(2020). Other than this she participated in Platography workshop By Ajeet Seal, at Bharati Vidyapith (2018) and Etching Workshop at Pune Biennale(2017). She also had a chance to show her works in Students Biennale, Online Viewing room, (2021), Bombay art society show, at Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai (2020), and Camlin Art Foundation show at Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai (2017).



Rutuja’s interest is towards capturing the changing aspect of object and space due to constant action between two co-existing opposite elements in nature. She is concerned about how these natural phenomena of transition impact every living and non-living aspect of life.

 This deformation or destruction of elements represents its relation to memory and space and hence that deformation represents time. The history of that object shows how long it has been witnessing a space. She is interested in how any intentional or mandatory reaction toward an object/element shows the psychological conflict of the human mind. The metaphorical representation of the elements shows the relation of personal memory and social interference and the influence of social aspects in life. The quietness in her works are because of the depiction of mundane life as part of neglected space or an object which has its own value of presence.



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