Sanayvi Naik

Sanayvi Naik

  • Seeds of Germination, 2020 - 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 ft Aluminium and Soil



Sanayvi Naik is  from Goa, India. He did his Bachelors from Goa College of Art, specializing in Sculpture, in 2018. Now he is completing his Master’s in Sculpture from MSU of Baroda, Gujarat. He has received the following Awards – Memorial Prize sponsored by Goa Hindu Association in memory of late Ravoji V. Gaunekar under the student category; 43rd State Art Exhibition, Kala Academy, Goa, 2017-2018; Special (Sculpture) Award in the Competition/ Exhibition organized by Institute Menezes Braganza, Panaji – Goa, February 2018; Second prize for Sculpture under Student Category in the 42nd State Art Exhibition, Kala Academy, Goa, 2016-2017. His work was exhibited in the Goa Open Art Festival, 2020. He has participated in various workshops including a Stone Carving camp at Reliance Art Centre in Vadodara Gujarat, 2018. He has also worked on a group project in the making of a Pithora Horse Sculpture. He has also participated in Goa State Art Exhibitions, Student Category from 2015 to 2018, and in a group show during his first year of Masters at MSU of Baroda, in March 2019.


Sanayvi’s work is a response to the political and environmental turmoil in the state of Goa; an engagement with greed, ignorance, treachery, and the notion of one’s motherland and identity. Having completed his Bachelor’s degree from the Goa Art College, his practice was predominantly academic in nature. However, a shift to Baroda for his Master’s degree marked a transformative phase in his practice. His understanding of the material expanded to its possibilities in conceptual ideation and the use of non-academic mediums as well. The earth of his native village, Bandora, plays an important role as material in his works.

Certain elements recur throughout his body of work, such as the flower, tongue, and the chair. The forms that he uses may suggest beauty but it is quite subversive. Several visual distinctions are only revealed when closely observed. The socio-political tenacity has evolved from his observations of how a man suffers in the social realm due to his lack of awareness regarding his role in it. He wants to comment on it as a symbol of power and loss of identity of an individual within a political system. For that he employs the visual of a fingerprint, synonymous with the Indian voting system.



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