Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar

  • Dera IV, 2019 - 24 x 5 in Watercolour on Paper



Shubham Kumar is  an artist from Gaya, Bihar. He has completed his Bachelor’s of Visual Art in Painting with a Minor in Graphics from MSU of Baroda in 2018. He is completing his Master’s of Visual Art in Painting from the same. He is a recipient of Khoj Support Grant in 2020; Nasreen Mohamedi award for Best Display BVA, MSU of Baroda in 2018; J.J. School of Art Printmaking Award, Mumbai in 2014. His recent workshops and residencies include the Next-Step Residency Programme 2019 @1shanthiroad, Bengaluru; Kala Sakshi mentoring workshop, Delhi, in 2018; Workshop on Video Art by Gigi Scaria, MSU of Baroda in 2018; Miniature painting workshop, MSU of Baroda in 2015; Spic Macay Gurukul Scholarship, Nagpur in 2011. He lives and works in Baroda.


Shubham Kumar’s practice stems from concerns of his present and ancestral landmarks in Gaya. He works with images, video and other documentary material from his farmland, transforming and translating these images into compositions through paintings, as well as into digital material. These investigations employ various devices – primarily painting, accompanied by image transfer, installations and software manipulation of images.

His work talks of personal and intimate experiences, which he began to acknowledge when he experienced recent shifts in his family and concurrently in his village (Murera in Gaya, Bihar) where people working on the field started moving to cities. A lot of confrontation and indirect involvement pertaining politics of land, and certain regional events related to them, pushed him to comprehend the nature of pre-existing societal structure in the society.

In order to discern these shifts, he looks into local politics, norms and foreordained functioning related to class and community that has been pre-composed and falsely imposed. He paints the frames in a manner where the images seem like found photographs and have been seen in real-time and documented as memories.


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