Shubhi Audichya 

Shubhi Audichya 

  • Space-2, 2020 - 52 x 62 x 57 in Silk Fabric, Own Worn Clothes and Cotton



Shubhi Audichya was born in 1995, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree and is completing her Master’s degree in Sculpture from MSU of Baroda. She has various workshops such as Dhokra casting, Raku, Stone inlay. She has been a part of Rann Utsav organized by Gujarat tourism in Kutch. She has also been selected for the Gujarat Lalit Kala Award and Abir India. Her works are in collections of Narayan Builders of Vadodara and Nakoda Marble company in Udaipur.


The co-existence of human emotions is what Shubhi’s practice is about. Our memory of an experience is the emotion we felt at that time. She may not remember the details but she remembers what she felt. Her personal experiences and her observations of women around her contribute majorly to her practice. The power to offer, which a woman can have is unimaginable and sometimes is the reason for their suffering. A life full of compromises, sacrifices, adjustments, this is how most women’s world can be explained. What about her desires? Only in fantasies? In this work she has created two different spaces, indicating a female presence.

In the first space, different stills are there. A kitchen platform that has a gas stove with boiling milk on it almost spilling out. A bookshelf, where termites are about to reach the books. A storeroom shelf with a broken clay pan. And among all these mundane visuals there is a centre table with fruits, full of life. The second space brings the viewer to a more private domain. An insight into those intimate corners that are untold, unheard. It exists almost as some kind of co-existence of volatile emotions both comforting yet painful.



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