Soura Chatterjee

Soura Chatterjee




1996, Chandannagar, West Bengal, India


Soura Chatterjee has completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from College of Art, New Delhi, and he is completing his Masters of Visual Art in Graphic arts from M.S. University of Baroda. Recently, he participated in National Students Camp ,CAVA, Mysore (2020). He also had a chance to show his works in Glavny Prospekt Print Triennale, Russia (2020), Kibria Chhap Chitra Utsav, Dhaka (2019), Birla Academy of Fine Arts Annual Show (2018), American Centre of Historical Society Show, American Consulate (2017,2018) and many other places.



Brought up in a middle class family, Soura grew up as a keen observer of the society and a political orientation was a part of his upbringing. Resources like social literature furthered that orientation, and art became a means to speak for the common people and the problems of their socio-political life. Often, one hears that commoners have no direct part in politics of the state and are mere bystanders. But if people don’t take interest in politics, would that mean politics wouldn’t take interest in them? Conversely, we see how politics has affected our lives directly and indirectly. The concept of a welfare state conceived for the benefit of the masses has taken a beating. A direct expression of contrarian political views might risk one’s life and career, but what else can one do, except accounting for his time and its turmoils? Soura’s works,ostensibly, shift from one subject to another without an apparent formal continuation. He operates on a reactive mode and witnesses the increasingly repressive politics of the world we live in, that gags free speech,unleashes tyranny and terror on people. Newspapers, social media,belief systems and rumor mills are the basic sources that he relies on. How long should we remain deaf and mute witnesses?



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