Sudheendra Das

Sudheendra Das

  • Encrypted Emotions -Variable Size White Cement, Paper Stickers with QR Code Prints, Polythene Packs



Sudheendra Das has completed his BFA from Govt. Fine Arts College, Thrissur, Kerala. He is currently completing his Masters of Visual Arts in Sculpture at MSU, Baroda.

Sudheendra’s works are interactive in nature and deal with the upcoming developments in technology. This includes fully developed Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality and their implications on human life. The works involve usage of electronic components, mechanical parts along with other traditional sculptural materials. His current practice suffers due to the limitation of materials and he intends to continue it on a bigger scale. As a continuation of his recent work,”Pack of instance”, he would like to experiment and take it further with the help of technology. In the above interactive work, he collected fingerprints of the viewers, and as an extension with the use of technology, he intends to give unique prints to the viewers to take it back with them.


Contact Details: 

Telephone: 89072 80647


Instagram: sudheendra.vr