Tirth Patel

Tirth Patel




1998, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Tirth Patel is an artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat and he completed his  Diploma In Painting from Sheth C N College Of Fine Art, Ahmedabad in 2019 and he is completing his Masters of Visual Arts in Graphic Arts from M.S. University of Baroda in 2021.


Tirth Patel presents his life stories and some aspects of society and his thoughts through his images. Those are often displayed in the forms of buses, animals, and other shapes with which he can relate with. His father was a skilled bus mechanic which influenced his early life where he got fascinated with buses and machinery. He grew up visiting workshops and started drawing different design forms of buses in the early years of his school life. He relates the working of a bus that goes from one place to another and passes through different places with the same speed to that of his mind and all the fast-paced multiple thoughts he has.



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Telephone: +91 9723014012

Email:  tirthpate520@gmail.com

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