Urna Sinha

Urna Sinha

  • The Death Of Light, 2020 - 5 x 7 in Digital Negative and Needle Felting



Urna Sinha was born and raised in Santiniketan, West Bengal. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree from Department of Printmaking, Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan in 2018. During her third year, she had completed her spring semester from Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts TALM, Angers, France, as an exchange student. She is completing her Master’s Degree from MSU of Baroda and has been a resident at CONA print studio in 2019. She is also a recipient of KHOJ support network 2020. Currently she lives and works in Santiniketan, West Bengal.


Over the years, Urna’s interest has been in the dichotomy between destruction, decay and death on one side and growth, sustainability and life on the other. Objects detached from their living organism, diseases unexplained, gestures from a stranger become specimens for her archive. Often in her work a form with the memory of its preceding skeletons, transmutes into an abstract being. Her practice revolves mainly around these three segments, collecting-looking & thinking.

She realised that in our everyday – a certain light simultaneously exists with thoughts. How do we preserve it? Each memory appears to be accompanied with light. Light not only ensures seeing, it also enables us to locate and feel. She can distinctly recall how her skin feels, near the sea or in the monsoon. Skin and light share an invisible relationship. She believes, the presence of light is more cerebral than visual.

She uses mediums, wherein between her hand and her visuals, sequential representation leads the path. She finds herself as a catalyst as well as an observer who initiate reactions between the hand that records and the visual idea. As reactions happen in phases, they often blend with thoughts and sensations. Her works are a mirror of that blend.

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