Vishalkumar Nareshbhai Prajapati

Vishalkumar Nareshbhai Prajapati

  • Brother, 2019 - 14 x 10 in Denims, Buttons and Threads



Vishalkumar Nareshbhai Prajapati was born in Pardi, Gujarat in 1996. He holds a Diploma in Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from B.A. Mehta Kala Maha Vidhyalaya Amalsad, Gujarat. Currently, he is completing his Post Diploma in Painting from MSU of Baroda. He has been part of the following exhibitions: Affordable Art Festival, Goa in 2019; Bombay Art Society in 2018; and Kala Pratishthan, Surat in 2015.



Vishal’s practice investigates the various attributes of a fabric. He started to understand qualities of various textiles while working with his father at his Tailoring shop; the way fabrics could be made from a single thread fascinated him in his initial days of exploration as it continues to do so, even now.

Amongst all fabrics that he was exposed to, Denims fascinated him the most – their tactility and colour make him nostalgic of his childhood. He was especially drawn towards the material due to its’ prominence in the Indian film industry, its inaccessibility and unaffordable prices.

Denims have their own history but his interrogation lies in it’s alternate utility as a visual element. Not only does he explore its material qualities, but also the different forms they take in the process of garment construction. Working with denims, not only makes him nostalgic, but also allows him to dream of everyday surroundings and objects being transformed by the material.


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