Yash Vyas

Yash Vyas




1996, Saurashtra, Gujarat, India


Yash Vyas is an artist and sculptor who earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Visual Arts – Sculpture from the Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad University of Baroda. Yash finds inspiration in transforming and weaving narratives into works of art. He frequently travels to his hometown in freight trains and buses documenting these places that he grew in and around to trace his roots, and later puts them in front of his audience in the form of miniatures. On viewing his intricate rural and urban miniatures, one would feel transported to a moment in time. The feeling of viewing something tangible – something recreated by freezing time in an alternate expanse, is an experience in itself. His works enrapture the onlookers as it binds them together through memory, space, and structure in addition to day-to-day life. 

Yash has been awarded accolades from institutions like The Royal Academy of Arts (Karnataka, 2019) and the All India Fine Art Association (Amritsar, 2020).    Yash was recently part of the Student’s biennale workshop ‘Unmaking Conventions’ with Sanchayan Ghosh. Yash displayed his work at Gir valley Artist village while also being part of the exhibition at Karkhana Art Space. Yash had his solo show ‘Memory Capsules’ – an exhibition of rural and urban miniatures at Contemporary online art platform – ‘Create Felicity’. Yash has also been part of multiple group shows including Finext. Exhibition (Bhopal), Goa art fest, and The Sonder Art Collective (Mumbai). Yash lives and works in Vadodara.



Growing up in a family with a history of Alzheimer’s, Yash’s unconscious desire has always been to cling to the time that is passing by. This passion for holding on to the present more fervently has seeped into his decision for making art in the first place. He finds in it something that is ritualistic, something that is primarily a way of memorializing – not simply ‘remembering’ that is the past, but keeping it in the form of ‘memorials’ – his artworks are the souvenirs of his past, of the living that is always saturated with a constant fear of dissolution. These tactile, miniaturized rooms and buildings, the spaces that are still there, living, but cannot be lived again, is what drives him to make them into small detailed pieces of sculptures, as a way of enlivening them in the process of making.  This poses for Yash a question like: Can art that stemmed from deeply personal ties and inheritance be communicated?

The nooks and corners of an ordinary house in Saurashtra; the unfinished concrete structures in the neighborhood; or Ilyas Bhai’s hair-dressing salon; are some of the memorials of the past that Yash has remembered most vividly. Memories of these spaces have constituted his desire to make them into small pieces, give them as much detail as his memory permits, and keep them. This adroitness and realistic representation in a body of work have helped him become more comfortable with himself as a transient being and has provided a visual narrative of his own contemplation.



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