Natasha Singh and Mallikarjun Malkiodeyar

Natasha Singh and Mallikarjun Malkiodeyar

NADI Paschimottanasana sculpture, 2020
Wooden MDF
8.7 x 8.7 x 66 Inches (including the stand)
NADI Naukasana Sculpture, 2020
Blue Acrylic
5 x 1.5 x 16 Inches
NADI Paschimottanasana sculpture, 2020
Powder coated mild steel
12.9 x 12.9 x 70 Inches (including the stand)

Natasha Singh (b. 1988, Jiroft, Iran) studied BA Craft Design from NIFT and did her MA in Visual Communication from Central Saint Martins, UAL. Mallikarjun Malkiodeyar (b. 1993, Vijayanagara, India ) studied Electronics and Communication Engineering from PESIT and is pursuing his Masters in Finance from IIT Kanpur. They have also showcased their work at Codame San Francisco, IIT Powai Techfest, IISc Bangalore Innofest, Kala Ghoda festival, ZKM Max Mueller, Magnetic Field Festival Rajasthan, Mini-maker faire Bangalore.

They run a boutique studio at the intersection of Art and Technology, called as Timeblur Studio. Natasha has spoken at Tedx and Mallikarjun is Forbes 30 under 30. They have together conducted workshops in Art and Creative coding in Delhi. 

Through her work, Natasha and Mallikarjun visually explore the role of repetitions in the movement and emergence of pattern. Using the idea of time as a personal experience, their works adopt an interdisciplinary nature, translating the material qualities of elements to spatial constructions. Merging  technology and artistic expression, they  analyze and measure rhythm in culturally driven practices which embed historic traditions expressing themselves in  images, video, sculpture, sound, or kinetic art.

Nadi is a collection of generative new-media sculptures.. The subject of movement of study is on body and breath involved in Yoga. Through these sculptures, Natasha investigates the rhythm of body and the breath, the undulations of movement and the prana, leading to an imagination of continuity. The form uncovers an intrinsic calmness within the being, in the form of convolutions, which embody life through movement. The expansion and contraction of Nadi form preserves a multilayered system both in temporal and spatial characteristics.. This emergence of the body’s rhythm metamorphosis, form a timeless existence to an embodied self, revealing symmetry in the recurrent patterns of flow. 

Natasha and Mallikarjun live and work in New Delhi, India.

NADI Parvattasana, 2017
Giclee Fine art print
8.5 x 11.8 Inches