Priya Gaekwar

Priya Gaekwar

Achada Large Green A, 2022 Mixed Media on Paper
21.5 x 28.75 Inches
Arrangement 1, 2022
Collage on Paper
11.25 x 15.5 Inches
Achada BW1, 2022
Mixed Media on Paper
14.5 x 20.75 Inches

Priya Gaekwar (b. 1983, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India) studied Interior Design at Inchbald School of Design, London, UK. She had her first solo show at Gallery G, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 2021.

riya would find brief moments of time throughout the years to paint and draw. She works intuitively while creating collage and mixed-media pieces. She utilises abstract techniques to create unpredictable pieces based on intuitiveness and playfulness. Priya has a long-standing fascination with Ascemic writing and has been inspired by American painter Cy Twombly’s creations. In tandem with the principles of Ascemic writing,  Priya’s works effectively make the audience co-creators. Priya expresses herself in a way that gives her a great deal of freedom, and with time, she has developed specific gestural patterns and writing marks that are unique to her. 

Achada is the fabric that serves as the underlay for the main cloth being worked on where several designs are added one on top of the other over time. These are arbitrary, unintended, and abstract, yet the overall product is distinctive. She wanted to approach this series in the same way, reacting to each sequence of markings and layering in an impromptu  manner. 

Priya lives and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Vapour, 2022
Mixed Media on Paper
21.5 x 23.5 Inches