Riddhi Patel

Riddhi Patel

Riddhi Patel (b.1997, Vadodara, Gujarat, India) received her BFA in Painting from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 2020 and is now pursuing her MFA, Painting on scholarship at the University of Alberta, Canada.

She has exhibited virtually in the covid era at the Living with Arts Online art Gallery, 2020, Toula Gallery, USA, 2020, Kala Chapaula Trust – The Situation Room, 2020, Artbuzz studios, New Delhi, 2020, Kochi Muziris Students Biennale, 2021, and Round Lemon Zest Hall, UK, 2021. Riddhi has also been an artist in residence at the St. Petersburg Art Residency, Russia 2020 (virtually) and Space Studio, Baroda, 2021.

Riddhi’s oeuvre explores concepts of the infinite and the ephemeral. The lines represent a variety of things, including personal experiences, internal energy, and awareness. As a classical dancer, she believes that her line repetition is analogous to the recurrence of sounds or beats, which remains constant in rhythm but changes in temperament. She attempts to create a sense of silence, stillness, and transience with these strokes. Transcendence and Immanence are two values she aspires to acquire further. She strives to grasp the purity of form in order to produce an inexplicable heightened experience.

Riddhi lives and works in Alberta, Canada.

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